What is CVT Transmission?

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As you’re shopping for a vehicle, you may find yourself comparing different engine types from gas to hybrid to electric, and different wheel drives such as FWD, AWD, and RWD. It’s important to understand what these differences offer in terms of gas mileage and driving capability, and the transmission type is no exception. If you’ve come across the term CVT transmission, and you’re asking yourself “What is CVT transmission?” and wondering how this style of transmission affects your driving experience then %%di_nmae%% has got the answers you’re looking for.



Read below to learn more about CVT transmissions and their benefits and check out our inventory of new vehicles which includes those with CVT transmissions. We look forward to being your choice for your next vehicle in Farmington.

More About CVTs

What is CVT? “CVT” stands for continuously variable transmission, also known as a shiftless transmission, step-less transmission, or pulley transmission. This type of transmission is different from an automatic or even a manual transmission because it operates using a two-pulley system, one pulley attached to the engine and the other to the transmission, instead of fixed gears. Using the pulley system makes for smoother transitioning as power is transferred between the two belts continuously.

Generally speaking, vehicles with a CVT transmission will get better gas mileage – sometimes as much as 38 mpg city. If you’re looking for a vehicle that is going to get you around Aztec and Bloomfield efficiently then contact Advantage Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep FIAT to see our available vehicles and learn more about our special offers to save on a new or used vehicle.

What are the Benefits of a CVT?

Again, the first major benefit of choosing a continuously variable transmission is its efficiency. Because a CVT doesn’t have to switch between gears, the engine can operate within the best possible power range without using more fuel than it needs. The second major benefit is a simpler design and fewer parts. CVTs aren’t comprised of various gears. When its time for transmission service, you can probably expect a more affordable repair bill than you’d get if your car had a standard transmission.

A CVT transmission is different from a regular transmission because the power is accelerated through the pulley system continuously rather than while shifting in between gears. This means greater fuel efficiency! In addition, a CVT transmission type is simpler in its components and requires fewer parts. When you take your vehicle for transmission service, you’ll find the bill lower than if you had a standard transmission. Not only that, nearly every automaker has at least one or more models with a CVT transmission so you’ve got options in makes and models!

See our list below of additional benefits of a CVT transmission:

  • Smooth transitioning and acceleration: Since you’re no longer shifting between gears, you’ll notice a smoother transition as you change speeds.
  • Stellar Gas Mileage: CVT transmissions keep the engine running efficiently at all times thus achieving better fuel efficiency.
  • Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs: CVT transmission parts are simpler and easier to manufacture therefore cheaper than their standard counterparts.
  • Smaller Size and Lighter Weight: CVT transmissions are frequently used in hybrid and smaller-size vehicles due to their light weight and small size, again adding to their fuel efficiency.

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