What Do the Numbers on Tires Mean?

Closeup of Tire Numbers with Wheel Rim

Here at Advantage Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep FIAT, we often hear this question: What do the numbers on tires mean? The sequence of letters and numbers on the side of your tire holds vital information about its size, type, performance, and more. In the next section, we break down the tire number meaning in each measurement – hopefully giving you a clearer understanding of what goes into ordering and installing a tire. Speaking of ordering and installing a new tire, don’t forget we offer discounted tires and top-notch installation services thanks to our parts and service department.


Understand Your TIre Number Meaning

Those numbers and letters on your tires provide crucial insights, including size, type, speed capabilities, and load capacity. Let’s use an example to break down the P215/65R15 95H tire code. This example will help you understand the meaning behind the numbers and letters.

Breaking Down the Code

  • The “P”: It stands for “P-Metric tire,” designed for passenger vehicles. Light-duty trucks have an “LT” at the start, indicating only to use on compact pickups.
  • The “215”: This is the tire’s width in millimeters, measured from sidewall to sidewall.
  • The “65”: This is the aspect ratio, showing the tire’s height relative to its width. Larger aspect ratios mean taller sidewalls.
  • The “R”: It signifies a radial tire, describing the tire’s construction.
  • The “15”: This number indicates the wheel size that the tire fits—15 inches in this case.
  • The “95H”: These are the load index and speed rating. “95” is the tire’s load capacity, while “H” indicates a safe speed of up to 130 mph.

Keeping Tires Inflated

Now that you understand tire numbers let’s talk about tire pressure. Proper inflation is crucial for tire longevity and vehicle performance. Many modern vehicles feature a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that simplifies checking tire pressure. If you receive a TPMS alert, you may need to add air to maintain proper inflation. You’ll notice this as an orange light on your instrument display. You can do this yourself or let our service team handle it.

Visit Advantage Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep FIAT for Expert Tire Care

We’ve answered the question: What do the numbers on tires mean? If you need tire service or replacements, Advantage Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep FIAT in Farmington is your destination. Schedule an appointment online or contact us directly. Don’t miss our service specials for money-saving opportunities. A few hours of attention on your tires now could add a few years to the life of your vehicle.


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