Jeep Maintenance Schedule: What Should You Know?

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Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of your vehicle you should be aware of. Knowing your Jeep maintenance schedule ensures that you’re reducing your chances of damaging your vehicle or having to deal with costly repairs.



But some of our Bloomfield customers don’t know about their Jeep maintenance schedule or the Jeep service we provide at Advantage Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep FIAT! Use this guide to learn more about the maintenance schedule for your new or used Jeep. Also, visit us to shop our Jeep parts deal in Farmington and schedule a service appointment with our service center today!

Our Jeep Maintenance Schedule

To ensure that every area of your vehicle is maintained and serviced, the Jeep service experts at our Aztec-area dealership have come up with a schedule that’ll cover your month-to-month maintenance to way ahead in the years with your Jeep vehicle. Check out our Jeep maintenance schedule below:


  • Checking fluid levels (engine oil, windshield washer, brake, coolant, and the like)
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Checking the interior and exterior lights
  • If you’re due for an oil change, replacing the filter, rotating the tires, and inspecting the exhaust, battery terminals, brake pads, and door latches

20,000 miles

  • Inspecting the universal joints, front suspension, tie rod ends, front and rear axle fluid, and brake linings
  • Replacing the air conditioning or cabin air filter

30,000 miles

  • Inspecting the transfer fluid and case fluid
  • Replacing the engine air cleaner filter
  • Changing the manual transmission fluid if the vehicle is used for trailer towing, snow plowing, heavy loading, taxi, police, off-road, etc.

40,000 miles

  • Performing the 20,000-mile inspections and replacements
  • Changing the front and rear axle fluid if used in any of the above situations (trailer towing, snow plowing, etc.)

60,000 miles

  • Performing the 20,000 and 30,000-mile inspections and replacements
  • Replacing the spark plugs (if applicable)
  • Change the manual transmission fluid if used in any of the above situations
  • Transfer case fluid if the vehicle is used for police, taxi, fleet, or frequent towing

100,000 miles

  • Performing the 20,000-mile inspections and replacements
  • Replacing the spark plugs (if not already replaced)
  • Flush and replace the engine, intercooler, battery, and Motor Generator Unit coolant if needed (if not needed, to be done at 150,000 miles)
  • Inspect and replace the PCV valve

Now, if there are areas of your vehicle that need to be replaced, you can get the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts at our Jeep parts dealer in Farmington near Shiprock today. You can even order the parts you need with us!

Service Your Vehicle at Advantage Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep FIAT

Now that you know the Jeep service schedule and all of the areas that it covers, visit our Jeep service center at Advantage Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep FIAT today. Get the best auto maintenance service with us! Contact us for more information!


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