The Dodge Journey Presents a Royal Interior

Many excellent SUVs hit the market in 2020. Consumers look for the right size model, one that comes with outstanding features. The Dodge Journey draws support from fans of mid-sized SUVs. Dodge gained a reputation for making excellent cars and pickup trucks. That same level of excellence goes into its SUV line. The interior features of the Journey shoes the effort Dodge put into it.

You'll feel like royalty when you sit behind the wheel. The six-way power driver seat with four-way power lumbar adjustment comes with enhanced comfort that few other SUVs could match. Added comfort could make even the longest drives more bearable.

If you like tailgate parties, you love the built-in cooler. Well, it is a cooler when you put ice into it. Without ice, the "cooler" is a rear storage compartment, and a valuable one.

A test drive could be an invaluable experience. At Advantage Dodge-Chry-Jeep, we feel you'll enjoy driving the Dodge Journey. Once you get inside, you won't forget the incredible interior.


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