Horsepower: Where Did the Term Originate?

Horsepower is used to measure power, and quite simply, it is a unit of measurement. The term horsepower was adopted to compare the power of the steam engines to the amount of draft horses that they would be able to replace. Draft horses are horses used for hauling.

James Watt created the measurement through his observations and later used the term during a marketing campaign. Today this term is commonly used to express mechanical horsepower and metric horsepower. Mechanical horsepower is 745.7 Watts. Mechanical horsepower is often referred to as imperial horsepower. Metric horsepower is approximately 735.5 watts.

James Watt also was the one who inspired the measurement term watts. You may recognize the term as being used to refer to car and truck engines. This measures the power of the engine. Although this term is used for car engines, it is also used in reference to many other engine types. Learn more at our Farmington dealership today!

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