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Make Adventure A Part of Your Everyday Life

You need to seat seven people, but that doesn't mean you can't quench your thirst for adventure. The Chrysler Pacifica may have a lot to offer in terms of size, but it also provides you and your family with features that rival the small car segment. If you don't believe us, a quick test drive can settle your concerns. Our new Chrysler model inventory is full of options that will help you feel less tied to work this summer and more open to possibilities.

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The Fast Lane Car Takes 2017 Dodge Viper for Victory Lap

Goodbyes are never easy. And when that goodbye is to an icon of American automotive like the Dodge Viper, such goodbyes are doubly difficult.

Nonetheless, even though the Viper is being discontinued after the 2017 model year, we've still time to have some fun with it.

Click "play" on the clip below to do just that. Here now with more on the 2017 Viper is The Fast Lane Car critic Roman Mica:

No doubt the Viper's main attraction, its 8.4-liter V10 engine is a truly mind-boggling bit of machinery. Coupling with a six-speed automatic gearbox, the V10…

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What To Do If Your Check Engine Light Is On

Your check engine light is on. You assume that it might be a major problem. Well, our opinion is that it is better to err on the side of caution, instead of risking your safety. Generally, it is reasonable to assume that it is a minor problem that is easily fixed by our service center. However, there are a few things that you might like to try, before bringing your vehicle to our center.

Certainly, we suggest that you check your dashboard lights for things like low oil pressure or that the car is overheating. Immediately pull over and turn…

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Cars.com Selects All-New Fiat 124 Spider as Best New Convertible

So far, the new year is going great for the Fiat brand. Earlier today, the automaker issued a press release announce that the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider recently earned the "Best New Convertible of 2017" accolade from Cars.com.

Paying homage to the original 124 Spider, the 2017 iteration of the classic roadster "brings classic Italian styling and proven performance to a new generation of buyers. Motivated by a...

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Fans "Like" RAM 1500 Truck's Smooth Ride

Have you ever been driving along on a nice smooth road and then BAM you hit a rough patch? It might be due to construction, it might be because the road was washed out by a flood or it might simply be the wilderness. The great RAM 1500 suspension options have ensured that its fans "Like" the truck's smooth ride.

When you are conducting brain surgery in your RAM 1500 Truck, you don't want any interruptions. The exclusive model gives you a number of "modes" for your suspension. This allows you to handle brush, rocks and potholes.


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Chrysler Builds 100 Unique Pacifica Hybrid Minivans for Waymo Self-Driving Test Fleet

FCA US LLC announced yesterday that it has completed the construction of 100 uniquely build Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans. Waymo, formerly known as the Google self-driving car project, is currently outfitting the vans with self-driving technology. The vans are scheduled to join Waymo's self-driving test fleet in early 2017.

“The Pacifica Hybrid will be a great addition to our fully self-driving test fleet. FCA’s product development and manufacturing teams have been agile partners, enabling us to go from program kickoff to full vehicle assembly in just six months,” said...

495 × 273
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Music Makes the World Go 'Round

One of the best things about driving your car anywhere is that you can plug in your music device (or use it wirelessly) to listen to your favorite artist or band as you move towards your destination. It doesn’t matter if you’re the only person in the car, or if your vehicle is full, music is essential to driving nowadays.

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Jack Osbourne's Questions, Answered

Jack Osbourne asked some questions about the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. As you can see, we have the answers, and we can prove that this car is top-quality for the long haul.
You're sure to love the way it works to have the perfect exterior and the perfect, roomy interior for your family to travel around in.
This car is smooth. Its spiffy chrome wheels and etched chrome exterior are both classy and elegant -- two adjectives not typically associated with the minivan segment.
And on the inside, you will find the best mix of roomy and comfortable, making it easy…
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RAM Heavy Duty Makes Towing as Easy as Tying your Work Boots

My job is to sell trucks, that's what I do, I have been selling trucks for a long time. Even I was impressed when I saw the specs for the new 2017 RAM Heavy Duty. One of the most important things a truck can do is towing, and this truck is made to tow. In fact, it can tow one of the largest loads of any truck in its class over 15 tons, thanks to the trailer sway control system and traction control.

Getting hooked up to the trailer is easy as well. The center mount hitch ball is…

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